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The DC Luxe Design team brings unparalleled experience and creative vision to every project. Co-founders Cynthia DeLott and Denise Sirois demonstrate passion, commitment and attention to detail through all phases of the design process.

Cynthia and Denise's journey began in 2012, when they realized that they could combine their unique talents to form an unstoppable interior design team. They opened their first showroom and retail space in 2013.

Since launching DC Luxe Design, Cynthia and Denise have inspired customers and contemporaries alike with their innovative concepts and drive to transform the interior design industry. They use a variety of materials to develop complete room designs, bringing them to life via 3D modeling and rendering technology. Why? Because most people have a difficult time visualizing the design...Seeing is believing.

Few duos combine creativity and management principles as effectively as Cynthia and Denise. Deeply passionate, this dynamic team delivers an efficient and effective approach to the Livable Luxury Home concept. Their innate talent and drive to deliver exceptional customer experience makes them an unbeatable creative pair.





Cynthia DeLott boasts nearly two decades of experience in management consulting and marketing management, along with a Bachelor of Arts in political science and an MBA from Drexel University's LeBow College of Business. She draws on her broad-based understanding of management and design to bring original home concepts to life. She accomplishes this by integrating her experience in business transformation and strategic planning with technology to innovate for business growth. Cynthia's ultimate goal? To take the guesswork out of interior design while delivering the unique and deeply personal look each client deserves for their home.



Equipped with a valuable background in interior design and exposure to remodeling and construction. Denise strives to develop spaces that spark emotion for her valued clients. She wants every detail in every design to create an emotional response. However, she also insists that all elements integrate to form a cohesive theme. Denise studied interior design at the Sheffield School of Interior Design (currently known as New York Institute of Art + Design), Denise loves nothing more than to develop welcoming, awe-inspiring spaces. She accomplishes this by incorporating a variety of intricate and luxurious touches, including jewel-like chandeliers and textured fabrics.



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