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Coastal Bliss

Life is better at the beach... Surround yourself with all things coastal to bring calm, openness, depth and wisdom into your home.

Contemporary Living

Masculine, mature spaces that include fresh and new colorful pieces paired with a geometric wallpaper that can be used as art.

French Inspired

From the French countryside to a Parisian palace we found decor that can work for a home in Provence or in Versailles.

Industrial Living

Using raw wood, metal finishes and exposed elements mixed with cozy textures, modern furniture, you can achieve the urban warehouse look.

Mid-Century Modern

Mid-Century interiors are all about organic style and easy living with a seamless flow between indoors and out. Mixed with graphic patterns, you are sure to achieve this chic style.

Modern Flare

Modern design lines are clean and crisp without detail. Colors often used are neutrals and shades of black and white. Bold primary colors are used as a focal point seen in abstract art or a single piece of furniture.

Napa Style

Rustic inspired, Napa style finds its roots in the centuries-old lifestyles of the Spanish, French and Italian wine regions of Europe. Warm and welcoming settings that celebrate casual living; yet, create the feeling of elegance.



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